Dominik Flejter

My interests

These are the things I work on, I read about and I write on (list is not exhaustive...).
Deep Web & data-intensive Web sites, Internet business models, hypertext models and implementations, Web information monitoring, Web content extraction and aggregation, content management systems, Internet-based marketing, content personalisation, Web sites usability, text delineation, social software and networks, semantic annotation of Web sites.

My Projects

International Workshop on Mashups Enterprise Mashups and Lightweight Composition on the Web (MEM)
This international event, organized already for te third time (MEM&LCW @ WISE 2008, MEM 2009 @ WWW 2009, MEM 2010 @ WWW 2010), is a world top workshop related to different technologies behind Web & mobile mashup applications, various mashup development tools and methodologies, user experience in mashup applications, and business scenarios of mashup implementation including their business models and intra-enterprise applications
Qarson: voitures neuves moins chères
Qarson.Fr is the key business & technology project I am involve in at this moment. It covers development of data-driven Web site offering discount cars in France (see Meilleures remises voitures neuves for top discounts), as well as back-office implementing CRM, offer management, data collection and analysis, and Internet marketing support.
Integror is a research project at Department of Information Systems of Poznan University of Economics related to data acquisition from a variety of data-intensive Web sites (including Deep Web sites, Web applications, AJAX and AJAX-like applications) through data-driven navigation and data extraction formalism combining multiple data-extraction methods (regex, XPath, visual extraction). Integror's Web site is available at (completely out of date).
Workshop on Exploiting Structured Information on the Web (ESIW)
This workshop organized at WISE 2009 (later promoted to a separate conference track and included in mail conference proceedings) covered a variety of topics related to structured information on the Web, including data-intensive Web sites, semantic annotations, data extraction, and lightweigh methods of data and applications integration on the Web.
PhD Thesis - Semi-Automatic Web Information Extraction
My PhD thesis (ongoing) focuses on Web Information Extraction component of Integror system. On one hand it proposes a novel data extraction formalism using multiple types of features (visual, structural, textual) and integrates it into Intrgror data extraction model. On the other hand it implements a method of learning data extraction and Web site navigation rules by using multiple features and Formal Concept Analysis.
Workshop on Advances in Accessing Deep Web (ADW)
International event organized for two times (ADW 2008 @ BIS 2008, ADW 2009 @ BIS 2009) in the area of Deep Web data acquisition, integration and usage scenarios.
Workshop on Social Aspects of the Web (SAW)
BIS Biblio
Master's Thesis
Sum Ergo Cogito

My Profiles

My publications

Complete list coming soon... Some of my publications are listed at DBLP and many other (but not all) are listed at My Department's home page

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